It's all about the network effect.
Welcome to the insurance innovation capital.

Why Des Moines?

If you are innovating insurance, there is no better place to be than Des Moines. There are over 60 insurance companies headquartered in the metro area which translates to ten's of thousands of insurance workers. This is the core of the strongest mentor program you'll find at any accelerator.

The density of companies and workers based here creates a natural insurance ecosystem. The size of the city makes it possible to get introduced to anyone. Seriously, anyone.

"There are more actuaries walking around in the Jordan Creek mall than there are in the whole state of Maryland."
- Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance CEO Lee Launer, on his decision to move its legal headquarters to Des Moines from Baltimore
[source: Des Moines Register Blog]

In addition to our solid foundation in insurance, the area scores high ranks on just about everything. The entrepreneurial ecosystem provides a number of fantastic events, organizations and support options.

And if all that wasn't enough, we have socks that say it pretty well: Photo credit mandibpro via Instagram