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Global Insurance Accelerator Portfolio

The GIA portfolio is made up of companies that go through our formal program. We refer to the group of companies from each program as a cohort. If you'd like an introduction to any of the companies in our portfolio, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to make connections.

2020 Cohort

Caregiven | Oregon | caregiven.co | Virtual Final Presentation
Caring for someone with a limited life-span is one of the most difficult experiences we all will go through. Caregiven is a white-labeled digital caregiver and beneficiary engagement platform that enables providers to offer real time, curated guidance to individuals and families managing end-of-life care for an aging or ailing loved-one. Utilizing an intuitive, mobile software to integrate needed care and support services into a single Smartphone application, Caregiven underscores the value of their provider relationship.

DenScore | Michigan | denscore.com | Virtual Final Presentation
DenScore is a software solution that supports dental insurers' pay-for-performance initiatives by using existing claims data to determine dentists' clinical competence for specific procedures. DenScore evaluates objective and relevant metrics pertaining to diagnostic tendencies and treatment outcomes and their relationship to claims spending, oral health impact and dental performance. Using a proprietary measuring system, insurers are provided with value-based scores for their participating dentists and a method for restructuring reimbursements to match performance.

Gerald Tech | New York | gerald.app | Virtual Final Presentation
Gerald is building a life events engagement and cross-sell platform for insurance providers. Gerald alerts insurance providers when a positive or negative event occurs in the life of an insured or business. Gerald also enables insurance providers to automate engagement by engaging their customers with the right product at the right time.

InsureVite | Singapore | insurevite.com | Virtual Final Presentation
InsureVite helps insurers revolutionize their customer experience through social messaging apps. By combining five technologies into one, we provide a friction-less experience by enabling the entire value chain. InsureVite is founded in Singapore with presence in Malaysia, Japan and Australia.

Kiwi | New York | kiwiinsure.co | Virtual Final Presentation
Kiwi brings episodic on-demand injury insurance and innovates on distribution via social media analytics to meet customers wherever they are. We are social mediafirst accident insurance company that offers episodic on demand coverage.

Summary Medical | Wisconsin | summarymedical.com | Virtual Final Presentation
Summary Medical is developing AI-based software to automate the review of medical records for life insurance companies. The goal is to help underwriters make faster, more accurate, and more profitable decision about applicants. Clint Laskowski, Founder and CEO, has more than 20 years experience as a technology professional, and has previously worked in the insurance industry.

UDoTest | Massachusetts | udotest.com | Virtual Final Presentation
UDoTest provides a business-to-business (B2B) at-home disease testing software platform. UDoTest's proprietary technology and at-home lab testing services helps enterprises improve outcomes. UDoTest serves their client's populations with a discreet, accurate and personalized at-home testing service that's unique to them.

2019 Cohort

BriteBee | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | britebee.com | Symposium Presentation
BriteBee is building tools to help insurance agents and carriers increase their digital exposure.

Cowbell | San Francisco, California | cowbell.insure | Symposium Presentation
Cowbell simplifies and expedites the process of obtaining accurate cyber insurance coverage for businesses by identifying insurable threats and quantifying risk exposures using artificial intelligence.

ebbie | Kansas City, Missouri | ebbie.ai | Symposium Presentation
ebbie is a fully automated, consumer-centric digital application platform and underwriting engine for medical supplement insurance.

everyday life | Boston, Massachusetts | everydaylifeinsurance.com | Symposium Presentation
everyday life is developing an insurance distribution platform to help middle income families protect themselves by making unbiased personalized advice and support accessible.

Friendly | San Ramon, California | friendlycares.com | Symposium Presentation
Friendly has developed a platform with highly advanced OCR technology to help life insurance companies better automate claim resolutions which involve complex documents with handwriting and disparate data tables.

Liscena | Toronto, Ontario | liscena.com | Symposium Presentation
Liscena automates and semi-automates the decisions and interactions between policyholders and insurance companies with AI-powered claims adjusters.

Micruity | Toronto, Ontario | micruity.com | Symposium Presentation
Micruity is building a software platform to enable insurance companies to provide employers a way to offer employees a pension-like 401k savings product to better prepare for retirement.

Predictive Health Partners | Des Moines, Iowa | predictivehealthpartners.com | Symposium Presentation
Predictive Health Partners finds and reduces up to 30% of the avoidable healthcare costs for self-funded companies and their employees through claims analytics, price transparency and engagement technologies.

Prosper | Calabasas, California | Symposium Presentation
Prosper is developing a solution to monitor and measure an individual's epigenetics to address their unique health and wellness needs with customized content.

SD Refinery | Minneapolis, Minnesota | sdrefinery.com | Symposium Presentation
Sentence Data Refinery is using technology for processing business sentence data to help insurance companies objectively measure and improve employee judgment, performance and outcomes.

2018 Cohort

AuthorityData | Tempe, Arizona | authoritydata.com | Symposium Presentation
AuthorityData provides insurance companies with a simpler way to understand the multitude of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, use cases, and endless sources of new data by validating and aggregating IoT data and applying analytics which will help lower risk and improve customer relationships.

Byeo | Chihuahua, Mexico | byeo.co | Symposium Presentation
Byeo provides life insurer partners tools which enable policyholders to take control of end of life situations in a secure environment which facilitates communication of information which can protect both personal legacy and that of loved ones, while also increasing engagement, improving customer loyalty, and boosting retention through added value services.

InsuredMine | Dallas, Texas | insuredmine.com | Symposium Presentation
InsuredMine provides a suite of digital products which help insurance agents enhance customer experience and loyalty, increase retention, and sell more using the InsuredMine insurance digital wallet, chatbot, agent portal, and social media triggers.

Insurmi | Phoenix, Arizona | insurmi.com | Symposium Presentation
Insurmi provides an intuitive SaaS platform which uses a conversational interface to engage users online and generate quality leads for insurance companies. The Insurmi platform is designed to effectively guide consumers through the entire insurance customer journey, from calculating coverage needs to applying for a policy.

JAUNTIN' | Toronto, Ontario | jauntin.com | Symposium Presentation
JAUNTIN' provides a mobile platform which empowers insurers to white-label and distribute scalable micro-insurance. JAUNTIN's platform is configurable for each insurance company partner, allowing for customization depending on the products distributed, enhanced data collection, better customer retention and acquisition, and optimization of risk and pricing.

Lvlfi | London, UK | lvlfi.com | Symposium Presentation
LVLFi provides a platform of mobile games designed to gamify exercise and encourage players to be more active. By incentivizing users to live healthier lifestyles, LVLFi lowers the risk of diabetes/cardiovascular disease/cancer, and in turn, helps life and health insurers measurably decrease related insurance claims.

ProtectRisk | Washington, DC | protectrisk.com | Symposium Presentation
ProtectRisk provides a business insurance marketplace which facilitates communication and collaboration between consumers, brokers, and insurance underwriters in the high risk/specialty segments of both admitted and excess & surplus (E&S) markets. The platform simplifies and streamlines the search and quote/bind/transaction process for business insurance.

RiskPossible | Miami, Florida | riskpossible.com | Symposium Presentation
RiskPossible's provides a Continuous Underwriting Engine (CUE) which helps property and casualty (P&C) insurers to more accurately underwrite in-force policy portfolios and react to any relevant changes in individual risks by monitoring public and proprietary data sources, allowing underwriters to take action when industry-specific trigger events occur.

2017 Cohort

FindBob | Toronto, Ontario | www.findbob.io | Symposium Presentation
A growth, transition and succession planning tool for financial advisors and insurance agents, utilizing machine learning and elements of gamification for asset protection.

InsuranceMenu | Boston, Massachusetts | www.insurancemenu.com | Symposium Presentation
A dynamic, data-driven platform geared toward local insurance agents, creating process efficiencies while bringing insurers closer to the customer.

MotionsCloud | Munich, Germany | www.motionscloud.com | Symposium Presentation
Mobile and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for insurers which streamline and automate claims processes to provide a better customer experience and settle claims faster.

RE-Sure | Detroit, Michigan | www.re-sure.com | Symposium Presentation
A blockchain-enabled, app-driven, smart insurance product designed for the on-demand economy.

Sentrys | Belgrade, Serbia | www.sentrys.co | Symposium Presentation
A data-protection platform providing data security for consumers, vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies.

ViewSpection | Tucson, Arizona | www.viewspection.com Symposium Presentation
A platform providing a transparent, collaborative method for agents and policyholders, as well as underwriting, claims and loss control departments, to share information and maximize service while preventing fraud.

2016 Cohort

Fluttrbox | Montreal, Quebec | www.fluttrbox.io | Symposium Presentation
Fluttrbox is an on-demand aerial imaging service and mapping application. We make property assessment for P&C carriers simple by collecting, processing and analyzing aerial images from our network of drones and their qualified operators.

Insurance Social.Media | Orange, California | www.insurancesocial.media | Symposium Presentation
Insurance Social.Media automates social media marketing for busy insurance professionals. Our software manages their corporate social media by creating highly targeted content to meet their individual needs.

Isaac Re | New York, New York | www.isaacre.com | Symposium Presentation
Isaac Re is a software marketplace where you can invest in bonds that are backed by insurance risks. As an investor, these bonds will provide you with attractive returns and substantial diversification opportunities for your portfolio. Simultaneously, this allows our insurance partners to make better decisions with their capital and gives them the ability to write new business, closing the coverage gap across America.

Smart Drivinc | Minneapolis, Minnesota | www.smartdrivinc.com | Symposium Presentation
Texting and driving is an epidemic resulting in more than 26% of all accidents each year. Smart Drivinc's patent pending technology selectively disables various functions on the driver's cell phone while driving. Our products are affordable and configurable with real-time tamper detection and alerts.

Telematic | Madison, Wisconsin | www.telematic.io | Symposium Presentation
Telematic is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that creates personalized auto insurance pricing models based upon driving behavior, mobile phone usage, and lifestyle behaviors.

WeSavvy | Dublin, Ireland | www.wesavvy.com | Symposium Presentation
WeSavvy is a digital insurance platform that enables Financial Services Providers to engage more effectively with Policyholders. Through the use of IoT, WeSavvy brings telematics and innovative risk management to the insurance industry by introducing an easy and transparent way for Policyholders to gain back control over their insurance premium. With WeSavvy, Policyholders can get cash points on their insurance premium when they run, walk or cycle.

2015 Cohort

CityMile | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | www.citymile.com.br
Challenge: Many companies offer usage-based insurance (UBI) to monitor driver behavior, but most fail to unlock the true potential of the data.
Solution: CityMile's UBI platform targets small and medium sized insurance companies looking to extend their digital footprint and start collecting data on drivers. Our solution helps drive decision making. For individuals, that leads to improved behavior behind the wheel. Insurance carriers increase customer adoption and retention while lowering claims expense, thus enhancing profitability.

ClinicNote | Ames, Iowa | www.clinicnote.com
Challenge: An inefficient process for documenting patient progress leads to wasted time for rehab therapists and creates challenges for insurance companies when reviewing the reports. Increased demand for these therapists is bringing added urgency to the issue.
Solution: ClinicNote streamlines the pre-service review process for health insurance companies by eliminating inefficiencies. Our solution boosts productivity for the rehab therapists while report standardization simplifies the review process for insurance companies.

Drive Spotter, Inc. | Omaha, Nebraska | www.drivespotter.com
Challenge: The trucking industry spends over a billion dollars per day to operate our nation's big rigs. These same vehicles can cause millions of dollars of damage and a significant loss of life in a single accident. Current driver training solutions lack the ability to analyze driving performance in a way that changes short and long term driver behaviors.
Solution: We create video analytics that detect insights to improve driver safety and vehicle efficiency. Fleets purchase Drive Spotter to reduce their day over day operational costs and to increase driver safety. Insurance companies can purchase our aggregate data to establish better insurance risk pools and vehicle manufacturers are increasingly expressing an interest in using our video analytics to solve key problems for autonomous vehicles.

LifeDB | Des Moines, Iowa | www.lifeinsurancedatabase.com
Challenge: Millions in life insurance proceeds go unclaimed every year because of difficulties contacting beneficiaries.
Solution: Our solutions help deliver on the promise made to policyholders by bridging gaps between life insurance policies and payment to their intended beneficiaries. LifeDB helps life insurance companies prepare for legislation on unclaimed life insurance property and enables our clients to stay in compliance, resulting in more efficient audit preparation.

Pablow | Berlin, Germany & Gold Coast, Australia | www.pablow.com
Challenge: Without the ability to negotiate customized insurance policies, most small travel retailers are limited to offering one-size-fits-all policies at the point of sale, which rarely fit the needs of their customers.
Solution: Pablow's next-generation insurance platform makes it seamless for the travel industry to reach travelers with targeted insurance offers, to any device and in any country.

Tyche | San Jose, California | www.tycherisk.co
Challenge: Lack of consistent litigation data and variations in judgments across judicial districts makes it difficult to project the final cost of a claim, leading to expensive, unpredictable litigation and arbitrations.
Solution: Tyche uses legal, financial, and social data to build predictive models of legal risk. These insights will help carriers understand and adapt to changing tort liability environments. Improved understanding of claim liability helps risk managers better manage and value their litigation portfolios.