Connecting great InsurTech companies
with great insurance leaders.

InsurTech Week is an opportunity for InsurTech companies at any stage to engage with GIA investors and mentors.

What is InsurTech Week?

Once a year, the Global Insurance Accelerator hosts 10-15 up-and-coming InsurTech companies for a week-long insurance immersion program. InsurTech Week differs from the traditional GIA Accelerator Program in that there is no equity exchange and no residency requirement, making participation possible for entrepreneurs at every stage.

When is InsurTech Week 2017?

InsurTech Week 2017 runs October 23-27. The selected companies typically arrive on Monday and head home on Friday. We have events planned for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well as the opportunity to meet 1:1 with companies throughout the week.

How do I get involved?

1. Attend one of the public events
2. Set up 1:1 meetings with one or more of the selected companies (on-site or remotely)
During the GIA's accelerator program, we do "mentor speed dating" whereby our mentors spend 30 minutes with each startup. While that may not be feasible with 15 companies attending InsurTech Week, you can pick and choose which ones you'd like to meet here:
Please follow the direction on the page to schedule time.

3. If you are a mentor, please join us for this private networking event
Morning Mentor Mixer
Tuesday, October 24 7:30 - 9 a.m. CST
We're kicking off InsurTech Week bright and early with a morning mixer between our mentors, investors, and selected companies. This is a private event for our mentors and investors. If you are a mentor and have not seen the invitation, please contact Megan at In addition to breakfast, we're encouraging our mentors to spend the day co-working from the GIA office.

Who are the InsurTech companies selected for 2017?

Here are the companies who have confirmed to join us in Des Moines October 23-27. The public link to schedule time with them will be available on the morning of September 14th. GIA mentors and investors are encouraged to sign up now.

Agent Review
Agent Review provides consumers unbiased advice on common forms of insurance and highlights local agents whose credentials have been independently verified.

Cloverleaf Analytics
The Cloverleaf Analytics end-to-end insurance BI solution gives our customer access to real-time analytics to discover trends and insights across the entire enterprise, enabling proactive business decisions that would not otherwise be possible.

CReative Minds. Canada
Health Insurance Payers face spiraling costs for Chronic Diseases. MeCare Service performs RPM and Compliance Analytics to save $1,700+ /annum/diabetic patient for Payer. Creates competitive advantage for Payer to offer Plans with Patient Compliance based discounts/penalties.

Delos Insurance Solutions
Delos is a digital property insurance MGA focused on catastrophe areas. Delos' data-driven approach reinvents underwriting and the consumer product for high risk consumers.

Elafris has developed a virtual insurance agent that links insurers and consumers via messenger applications (Facebook Messenger, SMS or Amazon Alexa). The technology learns from customer interactions to identify the right insurance coverage, provide payment reminders with credit card processing, and provide guided insurance claims processes.

We streamline underwriting and quoting processes, moving work from people to machine. Using our secure cloud-based platform, insurers leverage quality data enrichment, our intelligent AI-based Analytics Engine, and proprietary scoring for streamlined, accurate underwriting results.

Flow Labs
Flow Labs has developed an ultrasonic water flow meter that is simple to install (no plumber, no pipe cutting). The device features wireless communications to deliver powerful analytics to increase water usage efficiency and leak detection.

Hedgeable (Hydrogen)
Hedgeable's global API platform (named "Hydrogen") allows firms to build & manage digital investing, savings, and insurance platforms is as little as 1 day.

A digital Insurance Management platform to help users consolidate, track and manage insurance information, empowering them to make informed choices.

Lapetus Solutions
Lapetus Solutions Inc. (LSI) is a science and technology growth company developing tools and platforms that enable industries relying on life event prediction to reduce and replace their dependence on traditional assessment methods with faster, more cost-effective and accurate results.


Digital life insurance MGA leveraging technology to improve the consumer experience.

Notion is the complete home awareness solution, powered by an all-in-one IoT sensor, that sends alerts to a homeowner's mobile device for the things they care about most - water leaks, smoke alarms, temperature changes and doors, garages and windows opening and closing.

MOND Cloud
MOND Cloud is an Enterprise EAI, SOA, BPM and B2B platform offered as a Service with a strategic focus on the insurance industry.

Pillar Technologies
Pillar Technologies deploys construction job site sensors and provides a software analytics platform for you to view and manage data.

Tapp Solutions
Tapp Solutions helps Life and P&C companies automate Sales, Claims and Inspections using Mobile Apps.

I'll be traveling to Des Moines for the event. What days should I book travel?

You are welcome to spend an entire week in Des Moines, but we understand that isn't feasible for most of you. The best travel dates would be to arrive in Des Moines Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning and stay through the Thursday lunch. Our office (map link) is near lots of hotels. Uber can get you to and from the airport.

Did I hear you are expecting a fair number of regulators and compliance professionals?

Yes! The GIA strongly believes that InsurTech without regulation is like peanut butter and jelly without the peanut butter. We have built a great relationship with the Iowa Insurance Division through our journey and greatly value their support, mentorship and insight. We have reached out to insurance commissioner offices across all 50 states and our friends at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to bring commissioners, regulators and other compliance professionals to the event.
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