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Meet our new Managing Director!

We are pleased to announce Nicole Cook has joined the GIA full time, and will take over as Managing Director on May 1 of this year following the conclusion of the 2019 cohort. [READ MORE]

GIA InsurTech Week Educational Sessions - Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Location: Iowa Tap Room - Banquet Room (next to the GIA office)
Sessions are approximately 60 minutes each

9AM | Executive Development

Audience: Early-Stage / Startup
This session is designed for Insurtech CEOs & Founders who seek to build executive capacity as it relates leading the company, investor relations or selling into complex organizations. The goal of the session is to learn 7 Key Approaches to enhance your influence flexibility and impact.
Led by: Ann Dieleman (Leadership Advisor & Executive Coach, Ann Dieleman Consulting LLC)

10:15AM | Raising Capital When You Haven't Raised Before

Audience: Early-Stage / Startup
This session is designed for early stage ventures who plan to raise raise capital for the first time. This includes companies that have raised something similiar to an angel or friends/family round. You will leave this session more prepared to raise an institutional round of capital. Insurance exeuctives who are considering investing in startups are encouraged to attend to learn more about the other side of the table.
Led by: Joe Leo (Partner, Brown Winick Law Firm)

11:30AM | Regulatory Considerations

Audience: Early-Stage / Startup
This session is for early stage Insurtech companies who need to consider regulatory issues at the state or federal level.
Led by: Eric Biderman (Counsel, Arent Fox LLP)



1:30PM | Reasonable expectations when investing in a start-up

Audience: Insurance Companies
This session is designed for insurance companies who are considering investing in an early or growth stage venture. This presentation will discuss typical problems that mature, regulated insurance companies face when investing in start-ups, and solutions to those issues.
Startups are encouraged to attend as to better understand the other side of the table; however, priority seating is for insurance company executives.
Led by: Michael Dayton (Partner, Nyemaster Goode)

2:45PM | Technical Assessments - Passing the Info Sec Test

Audience: Early-Stage / Startup
This session will talk through various information security issues that insurance companies expect an Insurtech company to have resolved or be ready to address quickly. This session will be valuable to any Insurtech company looking to earn pilots and agreements with insurance carriers, which is to say every Insurtech startup should attend.
Led by: Beth Herman (Director IT, Principal), Aaron Madison (Sr. Manager,the IMT Group)

4PM | Earning and Executing a Pilot

Audience: Early-Stage / Startup
This session is for Insurtech companies who are ready, or soon to be ready, to engage in pilots and service contracts with insurance carriers. Each presenter will talk for a portion of the hour to share best practices and tangible take-aways for startups.
Led by: Jason Gross (Vice President of Strategy, EMC), Josh Bjorkman (Digital Business Development Director, Markel), Tim Darnall (CTO, Mutual of Omaha)