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Global Insurance Symposium: 2019 InsurTech Expo Participants

The InsurTech Expo runs from 3-5PM CT on the first day of the event (April 23rd) and leads into the GIS welcome reception. GIS welcome reception attendees are specifically directed to the InsurTech Expo, creating an opportunity for the InsurTech participants to meet insurance company executives at the outset of the GIS. InsurTech participants are provided up to two complimentary registrations for the GIS, and are encouraged to fully participate in the sessions and networking.

Join us to network with over 30 InsurTech companies at The World Food Prize on April 23rd from 3-5p. The opening reception immediately follows the expo.

Atidot is developing a predictive analytics solution to help insurers, distributors, and reinsurers identify lapse, up-sell, cross-sell opportunities in their life insurance and annuity in-force books and improve value measurement and risk management using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
AuthorityData provides an Internet-of-Things ("IoT") platform that aggregates data from any IoT device and data source into a single database for P&C insurance companies to view, analyze and operationalize IoT data to improve business outcomes and policyholder experiences.
Betterview is developing a property analytics platform to help P&C insurers to improve the customer experience and their bottom line using machine learning.
Bold Penguin
Bold Penguin is developing B2B software to help agents, brokers, and carriers to cut the friction out of commercial insurance with an Exchange that increases the speed of quote to bind.
BriteBee is a marketing agency building tools to help insurance agents and companies experience growth in sales, retention, and online exposure.
Byeo is creating an end-of-life solution that helps insurance companies strengthen relationships with their existing policyholders and attract new customers.
Cowbell simplifies and expedites the process of obtaining accurate cyber insurance coverage for businesses by identifying insurable threats and quantifying risk exposures using artificial intelligence.
Denim provides a SaaS platform that empowers marketing teams to scale personalized mobile advertising while consistently achieving up to 250% better performance than any other solution.
ebbie is a fully automated, consumer-centric digital application platform and underwriting engine for life and health insurance companies.
Elagy is a insurance distribution platform to help brands and agents allow their consumers to shop and buy online or through an agent using a fully digital process.
everyday life
everyday life is developing an insurance distribution platform to help middle income families protect themselves by making unbiased personalized advice and support accessible.
Faster Insurance
Faster Insurance is developing a mobile first solution that allows commercial truck drivers to purchase the necessary insurance coverages to operate their business in a self service platform.
Fenris provides new-to-insurance data, scores, and software to enable agents and carriers to reduce friction at the point of quote for both the consumer and carrier.
FindBob provides an Enterprise Agent Intelligence Platform to help insurance carriers and distributors improve their talent decision making by unlocking data on their agents.
Friendly has developed a platform with highly advanced OCR technology to help life insurance companies better automate claim resolutions which involve complex documents with handwriting and disparate data tables.
Gain Compliance
Gain Compliance's SaaS solution improves the quality of data reported to regulators.
HippaWare is an online platform designed to enable insurance firms to manage a higher volume of clientele quickly and accurately.
InsuranceMenu is developing a SAAS eCommerce platform to help Health and Life insurance companies to target, acquire, and engage new customers with an intuitive user experience that is reflective of the modern online customer of tomorrow.
Insurmi provides a digital engagement platform for carriers looking to easily generate new business online, streamline claims, and provide A.I.- driven customer service.
Kwema has created customizable wearables which allows the wearer to ask for help in an emergency to ultimately help insurance companies engage with new customer segments.
Liscena's AI powered assistant increases transparency and engagement for customers along the claims lifecycle while automating interactions and decision making on behalf of the carrier.
MākuSafe's wearable tech gathers predictive data to prevent industrial incidents and work comp claims before they happen, and enables effective loss control and underwriting for insurers.
Micruity is building a platform to help insurance companies to empower employers to better prepare employees for retirement with a pension-like 401k savings product.
Predictive Health Partners
Predictive Health Partners finds and reduces up to 30% of the avoidable healthcare costs for self-funded companies and their employees through claims analytics, price transparency and engagement technologies.
Prosper is developing a solution to monitor and measure an individual's epigenetics to address their unique health and wellness needs with customized content.
Purple Ant is an IoT based multi-tenant SaaS platform that enables property insurers to increase retention by providing a device agnostic monitoring solution with a subscription-based business model.
RE-Sure is developing activity-based micro-duration insurance programs that generate new revenue opportunities for insurance companies on a blockchain enabled platform.
Sentence Data Refinery
Sentence Data Refinery is using technology to process business sentence data to help insurance companies objectively measure and improve employee judgment, performance and outcomes.
SetOnce for Property Claims
SetOnce is developing a web application to help Property Claims Departments reduce policyholder frustration using automation that clarifies settlements while accelerating the claims handling process.
Supportomate is automating customer interactions to help insurance carriers scale their sales, claims, and underwriting with human-like conversations.
Sureify provides a digital sales, servicing, and engagement platform that allows life insurance companies to quickly modernize their business for the benefit of themselves and their existing policyholders and new insurance buyers.
Triton Systems is developing a software platform DRONA to help Insurance companies utilize Drones for a faster, safer, accurate claims process with Flight, AI based Image acquisition/Estimation and Adjuster location routing capabilities.
VenAssure provides an all-in-one cloud-based platform to help employers, carriers, TPAs, and attorneys to streamline their vendor management process and ensure compliance when working with local, independent investigation agencies.
ViewSpection provides a configurable app to help Carriers and Agents collect property data faster and easier while creating a deeper connection with their policyholders.