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Meet our new Managing Director!

We are pleased to announce Nicole Cook has joined the GIA full time, and will take over as Managing Director on May 1 of this year following the conclusion of the 2019 cohort. [READ MORE]

Global Insurance Symposium: InsurTech Expo Application

The Global Insurance Symposium (GIS) is an annual event which delivers content specifically tailored to the educational needs of insurance company professionals, with a particular focus on regulatory and innovation issues. Unlike other industry events, the GIS does not have vendor booth or exhibit space, and instead emphasizes the importance of sessions and networking. Each year, the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA) works with the GIS to create an expo opportunity held immediately prior to the start of the event to enable emerging InsurTech companies to engage directly with GIS attendees.

The InsurTech Expo runs from 2-5PM CT on the first day of the event (April 23rd) and leads into the GIS welcome reception. GIS welcome reception attendees are specifically directed to the InsurTech Expo, creating an opportunity for the InsurTech participants to meet insurance company executives at the outset of the GIS. InsurTech participants are provided up to two complimentary registrations for the GIS, and are encouraged to fully participate in the sessions and networking.

The InsurTech Expo is open to insurance innovators regardless of stage and size. If you are doing something cool in insurance, we want you to apply. We anticipate hosting approximately 30 companies this year.

Selected participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

This application closes at 5p EST, Friday March 1st.

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