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Applications for the GIA's 2021 Accelerator Program are now open. Learn more about the Program and Apply here

Apply for the Global Insurance Accelerator's 2021 Cohort

The application deadline is Monday, October 19th at 11:59PM CT

Before you get started, know that you will need to submit a short video introducing yourself and your company with your application below.

Additional details on the video submisssion are included here, program details are available here and the 2021 program schedule here, including important dates.

You're highly encouraged to read through the details provided in each of the pages linked directly above before starting your application.

Tell us about your company.

Company Name

Company Website

Year Founded

Company LinkedIn

Company Address

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Company City
Company State
Company Postal
Company Country

Company Description
Describe your company in one line (e.g. Insurmi – Violet – The A.I. assistant built for insurance).

Describe your company in 100 words or less. Answer the following: defined offering, target audience, how you solve their problem, secret sauce.

1000 characters max

Check the top 2 fields below that best describe your company by business line (must select exactly 2):

Check the top 2 fields below that best describe your company by technology (must select exactly 2):

Tell us about you.

This should be the primary point of contact from the company that will receive emails on your application and plans to participate in the GIA's 2021 Accelerator Program. In most cases, this is the company founder.
First Name
Last Name
Title / Role
LinkedIn URL

Tell us about the team and owners.

Please list all critical team members. One per line, include: first/last name, role, LinkedIn URL
For example: Edmund Halley, Lead Developer, http://(LinkedIn URL)

Tell us what makes you and your team uniquely qualified to solve this problem?

If selected for the GIA's 2021 Accelerator, who from your team would participate full-time in the immersive program?

If you have raised capital, please list the round, investor name, amount raised and date. If you cannot disclose names, use "Family and Friends, Angel Investors, Institutional Investors, ABC Accelerator, etc." instead.

Tell us about the product, business model, customers and competition.

What does/will the product do? What problem does it solve?

Feel free to geek out. We speak all sorts of tech on this end. 2500 characters max

What stage is the product in (concept, in-development, piloted, active customers, other)?

What is your business model? If you don't know yet, what do you think it is?

How do you make (or plan to make) money?

1000 characters max

What is your annualized revenue (USD)?

Describe your prospective customer(s):

If you have a complex sale, spell it out. If you are selling indirectly to insurance, explain. 1500 characters max

Do you have paying customers? If so, please describe in more detail.

1500 characters max

If you can identify them, who are your top 3 competitors and what is your competitive advantage?

Tell us a few more important things.

What do you want to accomplish by participating in the program? What are the key milestones the GIA can help you achieve?

How do you envision you and your team capturing value from mentors? Mentorship is a key offering of the GIA. What do you need to learn / who do you need to connect with?

[Optional] Upload your sales or investor pitch deck (one only). If you do not have one, the selection committee will rely on your application responses.

25MB size limit - PDF is recommended for style/font preservation

Submit your video introduction here with the YouTube link. For more details on the video requirements, please see here.

Please try to provide the URL in this format: https://www.youtube.com/embed/SomELeTTersAndNumBerS

Have you participated in any accelerator programs with this company? If so, please include the name and date.

Are there any potential conflicts that we need to consider? In this case, no one likes surprises, so please use this field to communicate anything that may keep you from accepting an offer to participate in the Program, or from fully participating in the Program. For example, if you have applied to another accelerator program, please note that here.

How did you learn about the GIA's Accelerator Program?

1000 characters max

Is there anything else you'd like the GIA's Selection Committee to know about why you and your company should be selected for the 2021 Accelerator Program?

Is there any additional information that you need to know to fully commit to participating in the program?

As of the time you are reading this, the GIA's 2021 Accelerator Program is planned to continue to be a fully immersive, in-person program, taking place January through April 2021 in Des Moines, IA. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and may need to make adjustments to the Program.

Based on the current environment, if selected to participate in the 2021 Program, how would you prefer to particiapte:

Measureable Results

The list below is sourced from A.M. Best: Scoring and Assessing Innovation dated March 5, 2020 (ambest.com/)

How does your product/service impact your insurer customer? Please check all that apply.

250 characters max