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Global Insurance Accelerator Announces New Funding Structure for Future Cohorts

Learn more about this exciting news here.
Applications for the 2020 Program are now open, apply here.

Apply for the Global Insurance Accelerator's 2020 Cohort

The application deadline is Wednesday October 23rd at 11:59PM CT
All fields are required. In case you missed it, program details are available here and program schedule here.

First things first. What do you want to accomplish by participating in the program?

What are the key milestones the GIA can help you achieve?

How do you envision you and your team capturing value from mentors?

Mentorship is a key offering of the GIA. What do you need to learn / who do you need to connect with?

Tell us about your company.

Company Name:

Company website:

Home state/province and country:

Year founded:

What do you tell people you do?

Elevator pitch, high level. 250 characters max.

Tell us about the team

Please list all shareholders and other critical team members. One per line, include: first/last name, role, LinkedIn URL
For example: Edmund Halley, Lead Developer, http://(LinkedIn URL)

Tell us what makes you and your team uniquely qualified to solve this problem?

Next, tell us about your product and customer.

What does/will the product do? What problem does it solve?

Feel free to geek out. We speak all sorts of tech on this end. 2500 characters max.

What stage is the product in (concept, in-development, piloted, active customers, other)?

Describe your prospective customer(s):

If you have a complex sale, spell it out. If you are selling indirectly to insurance, explain. 1500 characters max.

Do you have paying customers? If so, please describe in more detail.

1500 characters max.

A few more details.

What is your business model? If you don't know yet, what do you think it is.

How do you make money? 1500 characters max.

If you can identify them, who are your top 3 competitors?

+1 if you provide URL's and explain why you are different.

If you have raised capital from non-founders, how much? And from who?

Who is the point of contact for this application?

First name:
Last name:
LinkedIn URL:

Any conflicts we need to consider?

Please use this field to communicate anything that may keep you from fully participating; for example:
- if you have signed, or plan to sign, legally binding documents from other accelerators which limit your ability to accept an invitation to the GIA's program
- limitations you may have for the the residency requirement